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Cumbria Local Plan

Carlisle is a historic city located in Cumbria, North West England. Known for its rich history, strategic location, and vibrant cultural scene, Carlisle serves as the administrative center for the county of Cumbria.

Carlisle is a city that blends a rich historical heritage with modern amenities and a vibrant cultural scene. Its strategic location, diverse economy, and range of attractions make it a significant hub in North West England. Whether interested in history, culture, or outdoor activities, Carlisle offers something for residents and visitors alike.

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The Carlisle District Local Plan outlines the framework for sustainable development and growth in Carlisle, ensuring that the city meets the needs of its current and future residents while preserving its historic and natural assets.

A major development project aimed at creating a sustainable and well-connected new community, including housing, employment opportunities, and green spaces. Efforts to revitalize the city center, including improvements to public spaces, retail areas, and cultural attractions. Ongoing projects to upgrade transport infrastructure, including road improvements and the development of cycle routes and public transport enhancements.

The Carlisle District Local Plan is designed to ensure that the city grows and develops in a sustainable and balanced manner, enhancing the quality of life for its residents while preserving its unique character and heritage. The plan aims to create a thriving, resilient, and inclusive community, capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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