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Leeds, West Yorkshire

A Northern Powerhouse City

Site Surveying Services have initiated an number of surveying projects covering the entirety of Leeds City and its surrounding suburbs. This comprehensive endeavour involves the meticulous creation of building plans, expansive developments, and business parks. Leeds, in its dynamic evolution, is experiencing growth not only spatially but also in terms of vertical expansion as it continues to assert itself within the Northern Powerhouse.

The scale and diversity of the surveying details undertaken by Site Surveying Services underscore the multifaceted nature of Leeds’ development alongside the array of services offered.

For those familiar with Leeds, the magnitude of the city’s transformation over the past two decades is evident. The urban landscape has undergone significant changes, with new structures, developments, and business hubs contributing to the city’s evolving identity. Site Surveying Services’ comprehensive surveying efforts are a reflection of Leeds’ dynamic growth, capturing the essence of its development across various sectors. The amalgamation of these surveying details provides a holistic understanding of the intricate fabric of Leeds’ urban evolution.

Leeds - Local Plan 2040

Leeds has unveiled an extensive strategy that will shape planning policies within the city until the year 2040. Known as the Local Plan 2040, this initiative serves as an update to Leeds City Council’s core strategy and site allocations plans.

The plan covers a broad spectrum of topics, including identifying suitable areas for development, addressing housing requirements, promoting economic growth, managing employment opportunities, revitalising high streets, optimising transportation networks, and ensuring accessibility. A primary goal is to pinpoint locations within Leeds earmarked for business expansion, while also establishing new economic centres, with a special emphasis on bolstering tourism in the region.

Moreover, the Local Plan 2040 seeks to assess the feasibility of implementing a mass rapid transit system, subject to financial support from the central government, and to efficiently oversee the expansion of Leeds Bradford Airport.

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