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The Core Strategy and Development Plan 2015-2033, commonly referred to as the Local Plan, serves as Sunderland’s comprehensive blueprint for future development. This extensive document outlines the strategic vision to steer the city’s growth, determining how land should be allocated for various purposes, including businesses, new jobs, recreation, and housing.

Central to the plan is the recognition of Sunderland’s evolving needs, with a particular emphasis on addressing the projected population increase. The council’s plan identifies the need for an additional 13,410 homes by 2033, translating to an annual construction target of 745 new homes. This ambitious housing objective is crucial to accommodate the anticipated population growth and ensure a well-balanced and sustainable urban environment.

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Site Surveying Services has successfully delivered a comprehensive range of surveying services covering the entirety of the Sunderland infrastructure. This includes proficient contributions to various sectors such as transport, housing, and industrial measured building surveys.

The plan’s scope extends beyond housing, encompassing diverse facets of urban development. Specific land allocations are designated for businesses and job creation, aiming to foster economic growth and attract investments to Sunderland. Additionally, the plan emphasizes the importance of recreational spaces, designating land for parks and leisure facilities to enhance the overall quality of life for residents.

Community engagement plays a pivotal role in shaping the development plan. Input from residents, businesses, and stakeholders is actively sought through public consultations and engagement initiatives. This inclusive approach ensures that the plan aligns with the aspirations and needs of the local community, fostering a sense of shared responsibility in steering Sunderland towards a prosperous and sustainable future.

In essence, the Sunderland Development Plan embodies a forward-looking strategy, providing a roadmap for the city’s growth over the next two decades. By strategically allocating land for businesses, recreation, and housing, the plan aims to create a dynamic and resilient urban environment, poised to accommodate the evolving needs of its residents while fostering economic vitality.

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