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3D Point Cloud Visualisation

We believe that surveying is not just about measurements and recording physical data, but it continues through to final presentation. 3D Laser scanners capture millions of points per second creating a point cloud. This enables the finer details and the physical site itself to be viewed from the comfort of your office without having to visit site.

Utilizing our in-house 3D Laser Scanners, the data sets collected can be fed into BIM, Revit, and CAD software to allow any type of manipulation of the data such as the creation of BIM Models, DTMs, Cross Sections, Elevations, and Internal Floor Plans to name a few.

3D Laser Scanning suits complicated and high-level detailed areas ideal for steelwork, restoration, heritage, repair, or conservation projects. Laser scanners also work in dark areas or can be utilized at night.

Point cloud data can be presented in Black & White or Colour depending on your budget and your individual project needs. We can also use the data collected to capture Orthorectified images which can be overlaid onto Elevations to enhance visualisation of detail.

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