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Goole, Yorkshire

Town Investment

In 2019, the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities launched the Town Fund, an initiative aimed at promoting economic revitalisation and delivering vital infrastructure in towns throughout the UK, with the overarching aim of rejuvenating these communities.

In alignment with this initiative, Goole put forth an ambitious Town Investment Plan. This plan delineated a series of attainable objectives crafted to foster sustainable economic growth over the long haul. Customised to the unique characteristics of Goole, the plan evaluated the town’s strengths, available resources, and the nuanced challenges it encountered.

Goole Feature

In June 2021, the Government officially declared that Goole was among the 101 towns nationwide chosen to receive a portion of the Town Deal funding. Goole secured £25 million from this funding allocation, presenting an excellent opportunity for the town to advance longstanding changes outlined in the ‘Goole Town Deal’.

Site Surveying Services has been tasked with conducting comprehensive surveys for the development of flood defences in and around Goole. This initiative aligns with the broader objective of enhancing the resilience of Goole and its neighboring areas to mitigate the impact of increasing flood risk.

Site Surveying Services has also been engaged to provide a series of ‘setting out’ services for both residential and commercial developments across Goole and its neighbouring villages. The term ‘setting out’ refers to the precise placement and marking of structures according to architectural and engineering plans, facilitating the efficient execution of construction projects.

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