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Site Surveying Services has firmly committed to an extensive range of surveys, covering building, road, and water surveys across Doncaster and the surrounding countryside. We take pride in our dedication to supporting the creation of a stronger economy while preserving the natural and built environment.

Our dedicated involvement aligns with the key proposals outlined in the Local Plan for Doncaster, which aims to guide the town’s growth and development in a strategic and sustainable manner.


Key proposals within the Local Plan include the establishment of major new employment sites spanning 470 hectares, strategically supporting the ‘Doncaster Main Urban Area’ and seven Main Towns.

The Local Plan emphasizes maintaining a rolling five-year supply of deliverable housing land, with specific allocations for the ‘Doncaster Main Urban Area,’ Main Towns, and Service Towns and Villages.

Other significant aspects of the plan include a focus on Doncaster Town Centre for retail, offices, leisure, cultural, and tourist facilities, as well as a flood sequential approach directing development away from flood zones. Site Surveying Services have conducted water surveys to contribute to flood management strategies, ensuring responsible development practices.

The Local Plan further outlines the establishment of a major multi-modal transport hub centered on “Rossington iPort” and business parks between the M18 motorway and Doncaster Sheffield Airport. Site Surveying Services have committed to several motorway surveys across the M18 and M180, bolstering the transport network in the Doncaster area.

In conclusion, the Local Plan recognises the fundamental challenges of climate change and the importance of sustainability.

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