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Harrogate is in close proximity to the main office of Site Surveying Services, and as a result, we have built a strong presence, dedicated to providing a wide range of surveying services in and around this picturesque town. Our commitment to the region has been longstanding, and throughout the years, we have become a highly respected company for surveying solutions within the local community.


Over the years, Site Surveying Services has observed the remarkable growth and expansion of the town. The landscape has undergone significant changes with the emergence of numerous housing developments and the establishment of modern industrial estates and business parks. Notably, Harrogate has strategically leveraged its infrastructural advantages, particularly its convenient access to the A1, to foster seamless connectivity and accessibility.

Site Surveying Services is proud to contribute to the ongoing narrative of Harrogate by offering essential surveying services that support the town’s development initiatives. As a company deeply ingrained in the local community, we recognize the unique needs of Harrogate and continuously adapt our services to align with the evolving landscape of the town. Our commitment goes beyond simply providing surveying expertise; we view ourselves as partners in the growth and prosperity of Harrogate, committed to preserving the town’s charm while embracing the progress associated with development.

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