Survey of The Citadel in Carlisle for the University of Cumbria and McAlpine

Site Surveying Services have recently been requested by Sir Robert McAlpine to survey the historical Citadel in Carlisle.

The original building was commissioned by King Henry VIII and completed in 1541 to replace the gateway through the city walls. It consisted of a triangular enclosure with a huge tower at each angle. It ceased to be a fortress and became a prison in 1611.

The Citadel was mostly demolished in the early 1800’s, and in 1810 two immense red sandstone oval towers were built on top of the original.  The lower levels of the eastern tower were kept from the original building.

Until recently the Grade 1 listed towers served as the civil courts (east tower) and criminal courts (west tower).

From 1974, the Cumbria County Council used The Citadel as office space and in 2016 the Council submitted proposals to the Government for funding to redevelop the Citadel area.

In 2020 the Council published a plan to convert it into a campus for the University of Cumbria.

The project is being developed by Cumbria County Council, Carlisle City Council, The University of Cumbria, and Cumbria local enterprise partnership.

Citadel Plan

Improving the site can, potentially, be transformative to the character and status of Carlisle and also the wider Borderlands area

This year, The University of Cumbria picked McAlpine to build the 150,000 sq ft campus.

The £77.5m scheme is expected to start on site next year, with a view to completing the project in 2026

The creation of a new campus will see the University of Cumbria relocate from its two existing Carlisle complexes on Brampton Road and Fusehill Street into a single city centre location.  

Citadel Plan 2
Citadel Plan 3

The Citadels project is going to be truly transformational for place and people, increasing the accessibility, reach and impact of our academic offer and bringing more activity, footfall and investment into our city.

Site Surveying Services have submitted an external survey of The Citadel towers, old city wall and project footprint, alongside additional internal surveys of the adjoining buildings. Due to the historic nature of the building, a colour scan was produced to give high definition view of the stonework and roof details.

Citadel Site Surveying Services 1
Citadel Site Surveying Services 2
Citadel Site Surveying Services 3
Citadel Site Surveying Services 4
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It is always a delight to work with historical buildings. It will be great to see this area preserved and developed to benefit the University and City of Carlisle.

Sam Knott - Operations Manager

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