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Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Sheffield City

Site Surveying Services has effectively conducted a wide range of surveys across Sheffield and the broader South Yorkshire region. Our surveying expertise spans projects of various scales, encompassing everything from small housing extensions and building surveys to large industrial sites, rail networks, and significant transport infrastructure.

In alignment with Sheffield’s progressive trajectory under the new ‘Sheffield Plan,’ we eagerly anticipate contributing to the city’s sustainable growth and development. The upcoming Sheffield Local Plan, commonly referred to as the ‘Sheffield Plan,’ is poised to shape the city’s future by outlining how and where development will unfold until the year 2039. Upon adoption, this plan will replace the Sheffield Core Strategy (2009) and the ‘saved’ policies in the Sheffield Unitary Development Plan (1998). Site Surveying Services remains committed to playing a vital role in supporting these strategic initiatives, ensuring precision and efficiency in surveying processes for Sheffield’s evolving landscape.

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