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Tri-Tech Surveys has embarked on an extensive surveying encompassing the entirety of Leeds City and its surrounding suburbs. This comprehensive initiative involves the meticulous creation of building plans, expansive developments, and business parks. Leeds, in its dynamic evolution, is experiencing growth not only spatially, but also in terms of vertical expansion, as it continues to assert itself within the Northern Powerhouse.

The scale and diversity of the surveying details undertaken by Tri-Tech Surveys underscore the multifaceted nature of Leeds’ development alongside the array Tri-Tech services.

For those familiar with Leeds, the magnitude of the city’s transformation over the past two decades is evident. The urban landscape has undergone significant changes, with new structures, developments, and business hubs contributing to the city’s evolving identity. Tri-Tech Surveys’ comprehensive surveying efforts are a reflection of Leeds’ dynamic growth, capturing the essence of its development across various sectors. The amalgamation of these surveying details provides a holistic understanding of the intricate fabric of Leeds’ urban evolution.

Leeds - Local Plan 2040

Leeds has outlined a comprehensive strategy that will guide planning policies in the city until the year 2040. Referred to as the Local Plan 2040, this initiative represents an update to the core strategy and site allocations plans of Leeds City Council.

The plan encompasses a wide array of topics, ranging from determining suitable locations for development within the city to addressing housing needs, fostering economic development, managing employment, enhancing high streets, optimising transport, and ensuring accessibility. One of its key objectives is to identify areas in Leeds that should be prioritised for business development and to designate locations for new economic hubs, with a particular focus on the district’s contribution to tourism.

Additionally, the Local Plan 2040 aims to evaluate the prerequisites for a mass rapid transit system, contingent on funding from the central government, and to effectively manage the growth of Leeds Bradford Airport.

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