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The development of construction and the local development plan in York City represents a comprehensive and strategic effort aimed at guiding the growth of this historic city while safeguarding its unique character and heritage. Known for its medieval architecture, rich history, and cultural significance, York City’s development plan prioritises responsible construction practices and sustainable urban planning.

Local authorities, in collaboration with community stakeholders, have carefully crafted the development plan to address the evolving needs of York City. Encompassing various aspects of development, including infrastructure, housing, transportation, and environmental considerations, the plan aims to strike a delicate balance between fostering economic growth and preserving the distinct charm that defines York City.

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One crucial element of the plan is the promotion of sustainable and environmentally conscious construction practices. This entails incorporating green building standards, energy-efficient technologies, and eco-friendly design principles into new developments. The objective is to minimise the environmental impact of construction activities while bolstering the city’s resilience to climate change.

Regarding housing, the plan emphasises the provision of diverse and inclusive living spaces to accommodate a growing population. This includes developing affordable housing options, mixed-use developments, and initiatives to rejuvenate existing neighborhoods. Urban regeneration projects seek to rejuvenate historical areas while preserving their cultural significance.

Transportation planning is another vital aspect, addressing the need for efficient and sustainable mobility solutions within the city. This encompasses considerations for pedestrian-friendly zones, improvements to public transportation, and the integration of smart city technologies to enhance overall connectivity.

As the development plan for York City progresses, it underscores a commitment to a vibrant, resilient, and sustainable urban environment. The collaborative approach, involving input from residents, businesses, and local authorities, ensures that the city’s development aligns with the shared vision of creating a thriving and culturally rich community for future generations.

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Land and Engineering Surveyors


topographical surveys

Site Surveying Services work with a variety of different clients on different projects, and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, efficient, cost effective surveys ensuring our clients receive the best possible product.


utility mapping

Using the latest equipment, we can provide the location of underground services in either 2D or 3D. We use state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Location to assist your project when service avoidance may be a potential issue on site.



Is there any movement? That is the question that is asked before and during any monitoring scheme.  That is the reason we undertake monitoring, to check for movement.

Setting Out

laser scanning

For mass collection of accurate survey data then nothing beats scanning.  Using 3D laser Scanners the surveyors can capture millions of points per second with the creation of a PointCloud. 

Utility Mapping

volumetric analysis

We specialise in the analysis of a scheme’s volumetrics at any point in time.  Be it Tender, Prestart, Monthly, Weekly, or Final.

River Surveys 2

river surveys

By using the latest surveying technology, we have been able to survey watercourses safely and efficiently.
Setting Out 2

setting out & site engineering

Bread and butter work for us!  Having a strong relationship with many civil engineering companies we have a very strong team of Site Engineers and Engineering Surveyors working for us. 

Control Network

control network installation

At Site Surveying Services we have vast experience in this field.  Be it a large highway scheme or a private property we can advise on what accuracies are required from your control network depending on what work you are carrying out and the tolerances you are carrying this work out to.

UAV Mapping

uav mapping & aerial surveys

Large areas of ground can be covered capturing the most unbelievable detail which would just be unable to be recorded with traditional methods.  Our clients have really seen the benefit of what UAV surveys bring to the table.

Measured Building Surveys 01

measured building surveys

From an Industrial Unit through to a Historic House to a Semi Detached House, Site Surveying Services can provide a measured building survey for all.


3d machine control

Machine control systems have been around for years now and Site Surveying Services have been utilising these systems from the very start.  We realised the benefits of these systems early on when working with earthworks contractors.


survey equipment hire

Being a leader in the Surveying and Engineering sector we have a fleet of modern survey equipment at our disposal which is second to none.  We carry the latest GNSS Base Stations, GNSS Rovers, Robotic Total Stations, Laser Scanners, Digital Levels, and Dual Grade Lasers.

Virtual Tour 3D

Virtual Tour 3D

Virtual Tour 3D is an immersive experience which instantly transports your clients to your business, and guides them through your space, creating a seamless and captivating experience.

BIM Model

BIM Model Creation

BIM (Building Information Modelling) model creation in surveying refers to the process of using specialised software to create a 3D digital model of a building or infrastructure project that includes information about the project’s design, construction, and maintenance.