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Tri-Tech and Site Surveying Services have been integral in providing comprehensive surveying solutions across a diverse range of projects in both Carlisle and the broader Cumbria area. Our expertise play a crucial role in this exciting period for Carlisle, marked by substantial investment opportunities that are set to shape the city’s future.

Citadel Plan 3

Carlisle stands as a key partner in the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, a groundbreaking £394.5 million growth deal endorsed by the UK and Scottish governments. This collaborative initiative involves Cumbria County Council, Dumfries and Galloway Council, Northumberland County Council, and Scottish Borders Council. The primary objective is to catalyse a transformation in the region, with a specific focus on positioning Carlisle as the capital of the Borderlands.

Moreover, Carlisle is well-positioned to capitalise on opportunities presented by the Towns Fund and Future High Street Fund. A substantial £28.8 million investment has been secured through both funds, earmarked for initiatives dedicated to regenerating the city. This injection of funds is poised to bring about a positive transformation, enhancing the urban landscape and fostering sustainable development in Carlisle. Tri-Tech and Site Surveying Services, with their extensive experience and proficiency, contribute significantly to the successful realisation of these ambitious projects, ensuring that Carlisle thrives as a hub of growth and opportunity.

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