Surveying for The Darwen Town Deal

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Site Surveying Services is delighted to have been requested by Buttress to survey the Darwen Market Hall and Grade II Listed Library Theatre, as part of ‘The Darwen Town Deal‘.

The Darwen Town Deal is a once in a lifetime opportunity to kick-start the transformation of Darwen and the surrounding areas. The project consists of £25m of Government funding along with a further £65 raised by the borough council.

The total pot of £90m benefits nine projects set by the Blackburn and Darwen Council.

The planned renovation and improvement of the historic Darwen Library Theatre and Market Hall is at the heart of £13.4million which has been allocated for the upgrade of Darwen town centre.

Darwen Library Theatre

This is more investment in Darwen than we’ve seen in our lifetimes. The Town Deal Funding, which the board worked so hard to secure, is acting as a catalyst for significant investment in the town including £13.8m which we’ve committed as a council. There’s no doubt that the £90m is a life-changing sum of money and residents and businesses are going to see real change to the town and in the opportunities for growth and jobs.

Site Surveying Services has spent around 3 weeks surveying between the 2 sites in Darwen.

We used both ground sited and Drone laser scanning, which ties into previous existing topographical surveys. Laser Scanning offers a relatively quick and precise way to capture 3D data as a point cloud. All this data can then be used to create an accurate Building Information Model (BIM) of historic buildings such as these.

The BIM was then presented to Buttress, significantly aiding the design process of the project.

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It is always a pleasure to survey historical buildings such as the Library Theatre. The architectural details and build quality never fail to amaze.

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Darwen Library Theatre Site Surveying Services 1
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It is fantastic to get involved in ‘The Darwen Town Deal’. A project which offers so much potential for the development of our local town. Thank you to Buttress for the opportunity.

Sam Knott - Operations Manager

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