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What exactly is a Measured Building Survey

With the recent news that many schools are being shut or on the verge of closing due to the uncovering of ‘life-expired’ RAAC, this week we are talking about Measured Building Surveys.

What exactly is a Measured Building Survey?

Measured Building Surveys, sometimes known as architectural surveys, are detailed surveys of the internal and external features of a building. This includes it’s general layout, dimensions, materials and finishes.

They are carried out using state of the art laser scanners – like our own in house Leica RTC 360 or Trimble X7.

Measured building Surveys can be used to identify potential safety hazards, like RAAC, in a building. They can also help identify structural weaknesses to help ensure maintenance & repair can be carried out to enhance building safety.

For more information on Measured Building Surveys be sure to check out our FAQs.

Oh and here we are today carrying out a Measured Building Survey down in North London. We’re not just based in the North!

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