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Clitheroe Sixth Form

Getting kids into all things survey is something we are really passionate about. Over the last few weeks, we’ve had several students from different stages in their educational lives come in for work experience with us!

This week we have Alex with us, he is studying his A-Levels at Clitheroe Sixth Form but took a keen interest when he saw us working on site out in Sabden. We have Jamie who is on a one day a week work placement through Burnley College, as part of his T-Level course. We also recently had Isaac, a mad keen high school student, who is very interested in different aspects of survey and what careers that come with them + his grandma makes ace cake!

Whilst survey modules/courses are generally on the rise in educational settings, it’s still important to provide this level of support to those that are interested to ensure that the next line of Surveyors is stronger than ever!

To quote our good friend Alison Watson MBE, “You cannot build anything without good survey.”

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